all-in-ONE surgical instrument cleaning detergents with four enzymes, and surface cleaning detergents, deliver all the ingredients needed to break down and remove 
all forms of surgical bioburden, stains and mineral deposits.

Surgical instrument cleaning detergents that do not have all four enzymes cannot effectively remove all forms of surgical bioburden. The four enzymes are; lipase enzymes break down fats, amylase enzymes break down starches, carbohydrase enzymes break down high level starches, and protease enzymes break down proteins, such as blood.

The all-in-ONE enzymes quickly break down and remove the most stubborn bio-burden including: dried on blood, fats, carbohydrates, starches, and emulsified proteins.

The all-in-ONE cleaners deliver four highly concentrated, neutral pH, biodegradable, and non-toxic enzyme surgical instrument cleaning detergents.

The all-in-ONE
surgical instrument cleaning detergents
cut cleaning costs.

The all-in-ONE
surgical instrument detergents
render residue free cleaning outcomes.

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surgical instrument cleaning detergents.



The all-in-ONE
renders residue free outcomes.